How to Fix Alexa Red Ring – Complete Guide in 2018

Hi Profirefox’s readers. If you are here in this article, you must be finding the solution of How to Fix Alexa Red Ring. One day, your Alexa device had a critical red ring, and you think it is kind of Doomsday, right? Don’t worry because in this article we will give you step-by-step guide to fix your Alexa device.

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Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon, first used in the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers. Alexa gives voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audiobooks, and real-time new and reports. Alexa can also control several smart devices using itself as a home automation system. For example, you can control Blueair air purifier – one of the best large room air purifiers, or your coffee machine.

Though powerful, Alexa still has many errors. And one of the most critical problems of Alexa is the red ring error, which we are happy to show you how to fix it today.

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10 Steps to Fix Alexa Red Ring Error

When you see Alexa red ring, you keep getting this message: “Sorry, I’m having trouble understanding you right now”.

Here are 10 steps guide to help you fix your Alexa red ring before the Echo devices (or Alexa command functions) die completely.

Step 1

To begin, press and hold the microphone button at device top unless it restarts. Now, check if your Alexa device answers the voice commands or not. This is completely necessary as if you don’t see the red ring anymore, you won’t need these below 9 steps.

By checking the Microphone issue, you will enable your device for receiving the commands. Also, you will unmute the device. As a result, the Echo Dot Red light will go off.

Step 2

In case, Alexa still can’t understand right now, then things become worse. Check if the device has already some stored instructions that aren’t executing. If the device has these – DELETE them.

Step 3

If you still find the Alexa red ring, then you need to make sure your Echo device is placed at an ideal location and is connected with a stable wifi connection. It is silly, but network connection is always a culprit for red ring error.

Step 4

Moreover, make sure you have Downloaded Alexa App and updated the device firmware. Outdated firmware is not supported anymore and will likely to cause trouble.

Step 5

However, if Alexa red ring error doesn’t resolve – perform a hard reset of Echo device. This will 90% of the time fix the Alexa red ring error.

If you suspect that the device is switching between two different networks or is connected with a weak Internet. Follow these steps below to fix Alexa red ring errors:

Step 6

Disable the “Smart network switch” on your mobile. You need to know which network your device is connected to.

Step 7

Login router portal via any browser like Chrome or IE to make changes in router settings. On successful login, select “Wireless option” from the left menu bar.

Step 8

Then, split the network into two different ranges by setting the channel value:

  • For 2.4 GHz range: set channel value between 0–11.
  • For 5.0 GHz, set channel value between 36–48 or 149–165.

Step 9

Followed by this, under network security, choose WPA2-PSK [AES].

Step 10

Enable the option: “Disable port scan and Dos protection”.

Now, you can restart all hardware along with the Alexa device to see if the Alexa red ring error is fixed or not.

Alexa is still glowing Red Ring and not responding to you, it’s time you need an expert check. Call Smart Dot Experts at 1-877-773-5402.

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