Tips for Removing Pet Odors

Pets, once you make them a part of your life, enter our hearts in a way that cannot be matched. However, they also enter our homes and our carpets, leaving behind pet dander and worst of all, those pesky pet odors. Depending upon the type of animal that you have, you have likely been the victim of smelly carpets courtesy of your beloved pet. There is some good news, though; there are many tips for removing pet odors.

Tips for Removing Pet Odors

One of the best ways to ensure that your pets do not leave behind a big mess for you to clean up is to vacuum your carpets and sweep your floors daily. Pets – especially cats and dogs – have a propensity for shedding both fur and dander. Since many people are allergic to the dander, cleaning it up daily is important otherwise you run the risk of illness. But if you don’t have time, you must need the best air purifier for pets to do the job for you.

What’s worse is a pet urinates on the carpet, even spot treating may not remove the smell. Furthermore, spot treating can leave a carpet discolored in the area where you apply the chemicals. While vacuuming and sweeping help to clean the surface, you will eventually need a professional steam cleaner to get what has been trapped beneath the surface.

There are many reasons why steam cleaning is the best option for your pesky pet odors. If your dog or cat urinates on your carpet, you can never completely get that smell out no matter how much you dab or use spot cleaners. A professional steam cleaning company knows how to treat your carpets to ensure that they are cleaned using a hot water extraction process. This not only removes the stain from your carpet, but it removes the odors as well.

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Steam cleaning companies have a variety of tools in their arsenal and can attack even the most stubborn stains that are left on a carpet. They use commercial cleansers that are not available to the public. These cleansers are not available for sale to the general public for many reasons. In addition, a professional steam cleaner knows how to attack the carpet as a whole and leave you with thoroughly clean rugs.

Owning pets is not a death sentence for your carpets. By being proactive in your efforts and having your carpets steam cleaned by a professional once a year can make all the difference in your home. No longer will your carpets have a lingering odor or stains, and that’s a good thing.

Carpet Stain Cleaning Tips

It is always good to remember that when you embark on carpet stain cleaning yourself, that you can do more harm than good. It is easy to damage the fibers and leave it looking worse than it was before the stain was removed. Some commercial products that you can purchase to clean your carpet can bleach and remove the color from carpet.

Many brand name cleaners contain additives that can bleach the dye that gives your carpet its color, out of the fibers. If this happens you will need a professional, to fix it. If you try to dye it yourself, there is a good chance that the color will not match, and it will fade quickly. Once a carpet has been damaged, it may not be possible to fix it. With any carpet stain cleaning that you do yourself, the most important thing is to not cause any damage to the carpet.

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Having to purchase a new carpet is going to make stain cleaning very expensive. If you are careful, a properly maintained carpet should last ten years or more.

Non toxic homemade odor remover.

Sprinkle baking soda on your carpet. Leave overnight. Thoroughly vacuum up the next morning.

Tip. Do not sprinkle baking soda on your carpet during humid weather. The dampness will make the baking soda sticky, and it will be difficult to vacuum up.

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Cleaning up carpet stains quickly, before they dry into your carpet, will extend the life of your carpet and keep it cleaner longer. After a stain dries in, it is much more difficult to get out. Always test on a piece of carpet that will not be seen, before cleaning any stain.