It’s time to Tune Up Your Furnace

Your furnace may be the strangest thing from your mind in these hot days of summer, but it will be time to flip the thermostat switch before the winter comes. Have you made tune up your furnace yet? You don’t want to put it off, and you definitely don’t want to mistake your annual tune up for optional maintenance.

Together with Profirefox, we will know that It’s time to Tune Up Your Furnace.

Furnace tune up is important for several reasons:

Tune Up Your Furnace – save money

Every furnace will lose a little bit of efficiency from year to year, but a neglected furnace will lose it at a much faster rate. If you take care of your furnace, your furnace will take care of your heating costs. What’s more, a tune up gives your HVAC technician an opportunity to find and fix small problems before they turn into big, expensive ones.

Tune Up Your Furnace – Keep your family safe

As a furnace ages, the risk of cracks in the heat exchanger increases. These cracks can allow deadly carbon monoxide to leak into your home. An annual tune up is a critical safety inspection for this and other problems that could potentially lead to smoke, fire or other dangerous emergencies.

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Tune Up Your Furnace – Extend the life of your furnace

The typical furnace lasts around 15 years, but if you don’t get your tune up every year, good luck making it to that benchmark. On the other hand, if you take great care of your furnace, it could serve you for many years beyond that point.

Tune Up Your Furnace – Clean it

Have you ever turned on your furnace for the first heating cycle of the season, only to have your home fill up with noxious air? That’s the smell of dust burning off of your furnace’s heating elements. If you get your furnace tuned up before you need to use it, you can avoid this unpleasant autumn ritual.

Tune Up Your Furnace – Ensure proper airflow

Even if your furnace is doing its job right, that warm air won’t get where you want it without proper air pressure. A check on your air handler is also a typical part of furnace tune up, which helps make sure that your HVAC fan is ready for winter.

Tune Up Your Furnace – For warranty

Did you buy a new furnace within the past few years? If it’s still under warranty, it’s likely that annual maintenance is a condition of keeping that warranty valid. You wouldn’t want to suffer an expensive breakdown only to find that your warranty won’t cover the repair.

Tune Up Your Furnace – Plan for replacement

As we said above, your furnace gets a little less efficient every year. Running your furnace until it breaks down for good might seem like the best way to delay the cost of replacement, but your heating bills could be sky high in that last year or two — and you don’t want to sit around shivering while you wait for a new installation. Talk to your technician after each tune up to make a plan for proactive replacement, which will give you time to budget for it.